More from the Reggaefestival

I had such a good time when I photographed at the Reggae-festival last summer. I would very much like to photograph at more Festivals the coming summer. So if you want to commision me for that I am all yours.

Pictures uploaded earlier:

A day in my life

Just pictures from a morning in my life the 24th of Feb.

The sun and the shadows during winter at a backyard in Uppsala.



There’s no tournaments in cycling in Sweden now.

Me and my wife and all the happy colors.


The sun veiled by a curtain.

I really love books. Today I bought 8 books on the yearly booksale, I am a happy man now.

Baking for Purim the pastry ”Haman’s ear”.

Pictures from Jerusalem

I just looked at a few pictures from Jerusalem. i really want to finnish that project and put together pictures for an exhibition and book. I will set up a goal to finnish it by the end of March.






The pictures above are from an neigbourhood where a lot orthodox Jews lives in Jerusalem.

I think this picture is so cute.

From the session with Gabrielle

I will finally have time to do some editing from the session I had with the model Gabrielle. There have been a lot of must lately and also a lot of time spent on the exhibition that we opened last Friday. By the way it is open this evening at 18-20 o’clock. The installation of the ”Postcards” and ”Polaroid” went really fine and it looked beautiful even though it was a daring project with an unorthodox display and hanging of the pictures.
 I also liked my old pictures from the period of ”Photo-paintings” and ”Pictorialism”, they looked really nice hanging on the wall. I am very pleased with the exhibition. Idit’s and Anna’s pictures are also very beautiful. I think we together present something that is very beautiful and worthwhile seeing and buying.




Model: Gabrielle

Old negatives

I am scanning a few negatives that I took during my impressionism/pictoralism period. I just love the pictures. The final result I did was a photopaiting of the negatives.

I am thinking if I should go to the lab and do some darkroom-work tonight. I have a strong desire to do some photopaintings again and show it on Friday at the exhibition. It was such a long time ago I worked in the darkroom with chemicals.

My wife gave me a ”pen & touch” pad for my birthday so now I am going to work in Photoshop differently, that will be wonderful.

I just found my ”November”-serie in my computer:



Newly scanned negatives:

Working a new book project

I am working on a new book project. I am putting together a book with two of my projects. The projects are the ”Polaroid-project” and ”Postcards from Israel and Sweden-project”. It looks really good. I am choosing a 160 pages 28*33 cm hard-cover book. I started yesterday and I have already filled the book with pictures. Now I need to edit everything and cut a few pages with pictures so I can put some texts in it too. I hope the book will be delivered in the beginning of March. This book will mostly be for display and showing and not for sale because the price will be to high, something like 140 USD because of the size and numbers of pages in the book.

The name of the book will probably be: ”Contemporary Polaroids and Postcards from Sweden & Israel”. 

The Arnell-schoolarship made the coming publication possible so I am profoundly thankful for recieving the price.

These three pictures will probably be on the front-cover of the book:

Model: Gabrielle

Modell: Mikaela

Friday 19th of February in Uppsala at 19-22 o´clock

On Friday evening the 19th of February there will be an event in Uppsala at 19-22 o´clock.

Model: Gabrielle

The last two weeks I have had the flue and I have been working so the editing has been at a low gear. Now I need to work more with pictures. I have a deadline that is not set but the result has to be put up on the evening on Thursday or daytime on Friday latest.

During the week I have followed the stock-market very closely. It is actually an interest I have except Art and Photography. It is very competetive and a lot of philosophy, analysis and intellectual work with a lot of guessing with intellelctual processing. So I took a few small positions so I can buy more film etcetera for my projects in the spring.