Contemporary today- reflections

What is contemporary today? I want to do something that interpret the time and being we are in now. I need to search and feel what is contemporary. Not about the esthetics just about a comment about the contemporary today. I will try to point out a few words for that: communication, not being enough, stress, fame and glory, self-motivation, consumption, commercial, branding, reality-fiction and environment. I think also that we are lost in which concept we should be regarding citizens-consumers. Which Art should be born from the listed words above? How will I do a narrative in a photograph from that? I want to interpret rather than communicating with the past in Art. I want to leave all the influence and just create a Narrative from the listed words and about the current. The reason is that I want to gain appreciation for being unique. It is like being a scholar in science one wants to push the boundaries of science with groundbreaking results.

Moments of doubt

I have moments of doubt. Do I produce something that is good enough? I don’t get many comments about what I do when I upload pictures at sites like Fotosidan and Modellbilder. Is that a sign for me taking the wrong direction or is it just that I as a person is not interesting to say something good or bad about. I know one should not write things like this publicly because it will most of the times get back but I choose to that anyway. When I do commercial projects my clients are very happy and also the models and the dancers are very happy most of the times what I produce. I see that the pictures are used in different forums on the Internet and I also sell pictures when I have exhibitions. Is that my pictures sometimes require an interest in art in order to be liked. I do use a lot of influences from different art-themes.

Titel: Pink Passion
Model: Therese

As this picture is a lap of parts of the original picture. My inspiration comes from the Cubism, Expressionism and the Pop Art. It is dismantled and put together again with much more expression of the feelings you can get seeing a beautiful woman in a pink outfit like that. 

 I uploaded the diptyches and triptychs on those sites (Fotosidan and Modellbilder) and I expected so much more comments on them and positive ones. It just didn’t come as much as I thought. I do think my production lately has been extraordinary. I do think I have done achievements and that I have produced pictures with high artistic standards. Maybe I am to productive. No probably not. I should not put my energy doubting. I should keep my energy to do more pictures instead. I am just liek anyone else doing art, one needs constant confirmation and appreciation for my output. That is one can think rater childish but I guess in each and everyone of us there is a child waiting for just that to keep us going.

I think I am in a transition period where I try new expressions and styles. Hopefully I will find a style and expression that is sophisticated enough to attract. I am satisfied when I produce Art that I like doing and when I have an audience that appreciate my Art in words and also with buying it. Then I know I am on the right track. I assume after talking with my wife that I am trying new concepts within my creation of Art. I want to find a Market that swollows my new Art in the style of Pop Art i produce today. I am so into pink, sensuality and sometimes on the brinks of sexuality in my output of Art today. I feel an urge from within that I just have to do this no matter what but I want to be loved and and that you love my work that I produce.

I have also thought about writing in Swedish instead of in English but that will wait a while. I write better in Swedish of course but the Swedish language is rather small compared to English.


I have an urge to be creative in my output.

The L-serie

Model Minnah K

What does the L-serie mean for me? That is a good question I can’t find an answear on. It is not about changing the world. It is more a creative need to do something and play with my own feelings. It is an output steemed out of joy not of an urge to create from sadness or depression. It is just about feelings representing in colours and forms.

Model: Lisa

Model: Minnah

New diptychs and triptychs from the Minnah-session

I just had to do a few new diptychs and triptychs from the session I had with Minnah Karlsson. I have no urge to change the world with the pictures. My urge comes from inside. I represent feelings in creating the different triptychs and diptychs. My workflow is to scan different folders with pictures and when an emotional connection is established I choose to make the picture. I don’t know if that is right or wrong. I just do. The added objects represent something from my inside. To choose ”Lilley of the walley” represents for me beauty and love. A female body is for me very communicative. It communicates love, desire, wants, longing, intimacy, sex and motherhood. A foggy landscape in Black and White represents longing and sadness. While the colours represent joy. Life is full of opposite feelings and wants. Life can never be explained in an easy manner. It is just there and we enjoy it or not. 

Model: Minnah Karlsson

The ones I made earlier:

The Minnah session continues

Earlier this month I had an excellent session with the very beautiful and talented model Minnah Karlsson. I am now doing some editing on the session with Minnah. I love my past sessions so much and I decided I will do them in steps so everything will be done by latest next week. I so want to give the final result to the models as soon as possible.




Model: Minnah karlsson

Minnah and I we got some really nice photos. She has such a beautiful apparence and she could do the style I wanted in the pictures. A little bit like bohemian fashion pictures in a domestic setting with ambient light as a light source. Beauty and light comes together. Lately I have really worked with the light and the shadows in the pictures to set emotions and impressions in motion.



Model: Minnah karlsson

The Therese session

I can’t decide which pictures to work on. I love them all. I just have flip back and forth over the sessions, there is no other cure.

Model: Therese

Model: Therese

I just love the pictures I took with Therese. I have wanted to take this kind of pictures for some time now and I am so happy to have photographed Therese and we had a very good connection in the work we did so I am really looking forward for more sessions. We have a few ideas that we want to make.

The Minnah-session

I just love the pictures from Minnah and my session. During the week and next weekend I will work on the sessions I have had lately. All sessions went really well with a lot of really new and interesting pictures. My eager to do something new is paying off in really nice pictures at least I think so. I am very happy.

Model: Minnah Karlsson

Black & White or colour, that is a question for me that I can’t decide.