New Polaroids from 2009

I have made a lot of new polaroids the last 24h. In January I will put them togehter and make a complete serie of Polaroids. I have a few sessions left for completing this Polaroid-project. I am sure I will pick it up with new photos in a near future in a new Polaroid-project. I am going to find a way to print them so it will look like the real thing. I am thinking of buying a A3 good quality printer so I can print on aquarelle paper which I think will add quality instead of using regular photo-paper. Since I got the scholarship award from the Photographic Association I can make a book from my Polaroids, that is something I am looking forward to do.

I would like to give my gratitude to everyone that follows my pictures on this blog and of course a big thanks to all the models that has posed for me in different sessions. I am full of gratitude towards you. I hope I will be extremely rich in the future so I can share some monetary luck until then I hope you enjoy our work and the output that I create from our cooperation. Thank you and a Happy New Year full of new sessions with output that attracts and gives emotions.

Excellent eperimental session with beautiful Linet

Earlier tonight I had an excellent experimental session with Linet. I love to work with her. She is a good friend and very beautiful and we simply love to work together. I felt urged to try something completely new with kind of difficult lightning and to tear the droplet and make it part of the picture.

Thank you Linet for giving my energy having the session and I am so happy to have tried something new and that you believe in my crazy ideas such a a thorn droplet.

Searching a Model for Polaroid pictures I would like to make

There are some pictures I would like to make. I have got some inspiration from a Fashion/Art Magazine called Jalouse. The pictures are in their Dec 2009/Jan 2010 issue. The following pictures were in that Magazine, please be aware that I haven’t made those pictures.



I hope I will get the opportunity to make something similiar as the the above miniature pictures. If you would like to be my model for these picture please let me know on e-mail:


I found a very funny and artistic application on the Internet that I downloaded and started to wotk on some of my pictures.

I made my first digital poalroid ever and I am on autopilot.

Model: Gabrielle on the top-image.

Model: Elin Paulander on top

Model: Natasha Gjertsen Devereux on the images below

I am completely exited.

Natasha is so beautiful and lovely to work with.

The software that makes polaroids is the
I worked on the pictures after the polaroid generation in Photoshop to create and manage the colours as I wanted them to be.

On the pictures below, model Gabrielle. Gabrielle was really wonderful to work with. We got so many beautiful pictures that are useful for many different projects. I love to have pictures like that. Classical and not bound to time. She has such a classical look, so beautiful.

Beautiful session with Reut

Yesterday evening I had a session with Reut. She has never modelled before but she has a wonderful look and is very beautiful and she managed the studio very well I think. We got some really nice pictures. I used 3-4 lights, a beautydish, 2 snoots and one light with grids. So it was mainly spotlightning. The effect from using spotlights is very interesting, it gives very distinct shadows and highlights.

Johan goes nature

Today I photographed the beautiful winter landscape we have here in Uppsala. It is not that often I go out and photograph nature and upload it here.

No manipulations on these pictures, it is nature as it is. I bought a pair of cross country skies today so I assume it will be more nature pictures from me ahead. However I have booked the studio on both Monday and Tuesday so I will not forget my pink project. I have new ideas for the collage that probably will be done in the coming week before Christmas.

The study of the winter alley:

Pink wonderful princess session with Linet

Today I had a pik wonderful princess session with Linet. She is so excellent and has a wonderful look and appeal in her eyes and her whole body shows emotions and beauty and she is very skilled. I love to work with her. We choose to use a pink droplet with a princess style in the photos. I have had this ideas in my head for some time now. After the session on my way home I bought some requisita for both my collages to come and also some more princess style accessories. I met a colleague in the shop for children toys and I had to say it was for a christmas gift, I was a little bit embarrassed. But maybe she reads this and likes the pictures, I would be very happy then.

The princess of the day is for sure Linet.

I have just realised that the pictures is within a theme of mine that is called ”The pink Princess theme”. I am going to make a really interesting and nice serie of pictures within that theme.