Open discussion about my Exhibition

Johan Margulis håller ett öppet samtal/seminarie om sitt bildskapande på onsdag den 25e nov kl 18-20 vid Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap, Övre Slottsgatan 14. Johan kommer berätta om sitt konstnärsskap där frågor om känsla, fräg, form, teknik och motivval kommer att diskuteras med möjligheter till frågor. Bilder kommer visas där han visar tillvägagångsätt och tankar kring sitt skapande.

Varmt välkomna.

Johan Margulis

Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap

Övre Slottsgatan 14

Onsdag den 25e Nov kl 18-20

Fri entré

New collages

I had some time earlier tonight and I worked on some new collages. That felt nice. There are other things that doesn’t feel so good. Stress and the darkness of November and too much workload.

Model: Gabrielle.

During Saturday I had an excellent session with Linet, it was such a long time ago we had a session and it was really nice. I just rembered that Linet was one of the dancers I first worked with so we have followed eachother during many years now and it feels really good to work with her.

Model: Linet

Opening of the exhibiton

I had a wonderful opening of the Exhibition. I would like to thank the magnificent dancer Elin Örneholm for performing on the opening evening, it was magnificent. Thank you all for coming and sharing my happiness. Now the exhibition runs until the 2nd of Dec. On Wednesday the 25th of November I will keep an opening speech/lecture about my exhibition and how I think about the process making the pictures. A unique oppurtunity to ask questions in a group on the techique, the feelings and generally how I work with Art and Photography. It is free entrance. It will be from 18-20 o´clock.

Yesterday evening I had an excellent session with the model Gabrielle from Stockholm. We got some really beautiful pictures and she was excellent in her poses and the way she worked. I really enjoyed working with her and I am looking forward to work with her more in the future.

Here are a few new collages:

More input for collage

Today I had an excellent session with Elin Paulander. She is a model and she is excellent to work with. I asked her to take photos for my collage pictures and she liked them a lot and joined me for the session. I am so happy for that. I just sat 15 minutes and worked on them so I know I have material  to do a lot of excellent collages. Thank you Elin.

I can’t do anything else than work on my collage pictures. I love it.

More collages and an open letter about reality in Photography

I am redoing some of the collages. And I want to share with you the remade ones.

Reality in Photography

I am very expressive in my output now and I am less into the fragile beauty. I feel completely free in mind and feel no moral shame about what I am doing. Most of the pictures were taken when I felt very different. I didn´t feel so free in my mind, heart and soul as I do today. I think that´s why I dare to challenge more, to be more free and open about all the hidden feelings we have for ourselves that we only share with the loved ones, our partners. I don’t put any moal arguments into that. I just do as I feel. I assume some will like what I am doing and some will for sure not like what I am doing, I simply have to live with that and do my best to make people see me as a more complex person with mixed feelings and what I do in my art is just what it is art and about searching for boundaries, morals and just having fun and enjoying the process of making. I don’t have a political agenda for what I am doing in my art, it just comes out of me and what you see is my output. It is my feelings, morals and so on. The models I have used are just in that manner just models, brickstones that I put together into pieces of art which have been deconstructed and constructed to something out of their real representation. Photography is illusive in that manner, what you see in the picture is not always what there was when it was taken. Today photography more than anytime is about constructing and deconstructing reality. You don’t see reality you see something which is put together. There is no objective truth in what you see. What you see is moments of feelings constructed and deconstructed to something that might provoke your feelings. Please don’t condemn the bricks in the pictures. Condemn me for having put it together. I have used my camera instead of using brushes. With brushes people are more open to provoking boundaries. In photography there is a remain of reality that can’t be brushed away. But the reality is that the reality escaped photography long ago. There is always just staged photography. There is no objective matter that can be described. Our language is not objective. Each single word has a composition and a meaning that differs among people. The only things that are objective matters are the DNA, the air we breathe, heartbeats, blood and so on. Art can’t be objective unless it compose of just air, DNA, heartbeats and so on. If something else is put together there is always a subject matter to it and we call it art. I adore the art and is a strong holder of the position that art should be free and accepted in a free society. The petit bourgois position is for a society trying to control art and morals. Be free, live and breathe the art. Be even more free to dare to challange yourself and produce art that matters to you. This position is of course very reflective of Expressive Art and there are other truths in it than I just wrote. Photography is for sure not an objective mean. It serves as a mean to create an output that is subjective and reflects something.   

Mixed feelings today. But life goes on for more creativity output. The nude model is anonymous and is not the same as on the other pictures.

The house of creativity and desire

I just can’t get enough of my creativity. I want to take new photos for my collages and when I can’t do that I am absorbed by the pictures unfolding a new collage for me. It is a drug for me. I am very glad that I have sessions ahead with four models that like my collages. So there will be some more pictures in my collages that I really need. I want pictures like Delarcroix painting ”Liberty” and nude/semi-nude fragile pictures full with delicate desire and some stillness and tranquile in the nudity, a tone of sexual melancholy. Then the collages will unfold to a new level for me. I am so longing for that. 

Meanwhile here comes some creations from earlier this evening.

The above three are very alike but different and I can’t decide which one I like the most. Which one do you like the best?

New collage pictures

Last Sunday I had an excellen session with Mikaela. I really enjoy working with her. I did a few collages yesterday.

I am currently going through the pictures from last Sunday but I already have a few great ones to share with you:

I was so lucky that Mikaela could work with me in the studio with such a short notice. I wanted some pictures with a lot of skin for doing some new collageworks. Here are the evenings output. I am really digging into collage and combines. Everything is digitalised so I don’t know if I cna call them combines but for sure collages of feelings. Now it is a lot about sex and beauty. Thank you Mikaela, you are excellent.