Creativity desperation

I guess one can call my new collages some kind of strive and urge for creativity.

Last sunday I had my last class with my students of photography. I have lead a course called ”Outdoor photography” and we visited the towns´industrial site where you have manufacturing companies and minor offices. This locations are so filled with boredom and is so beautiful in its ugliness. There’s really no sense of joy in the architecturial mood of this kind of sites.

This is what met us last Sunday….Gaudi is crying for sure. But I like the style and temperament of the pictures from there an I got some really interesting input pictures for my already shown collages.

New pictures and a book on print

Yesterday I caught the flu with some fever and a soar throat so I had a quiet day at home yesterday. Today I start to feel a little better. So now I have the energy to share some newly edited pictures.

For my vernissage I hope there will be a book for sale, ”DANCERS- A STORY OF COLOURS” by Johan Margulis. It is a 120 page 20*25 cm landscape format book filled with dance pictures staged in different environments. If the quality is what I hope for, it will be possible to purchase it online and through me. The price will be approximately 50 Euros. I wanted to be able to offer it for a lower price but the printing and postage costs are just to high. I am very exited about how it will look like.

Pictures from Fårö, Gotland with Karin Pinner:

The following pictures are different models, Lisa with lingerie. The seminude is anonymous model.

The vernissage is coming soon, I am so exited and I hope I will see you all at the exhibition. Hopefully the book ”DANCERS- A STORY OF COLOURS” by Johan Margulis will be available. I can’t stop thinking of it, my first book is to arrive.

All the dancers are named in the book. I owe you a great gratitude, thank you so much.

Colour or Blank & White. Soon christmas is coming:

Lately I started to ask myself if I prefer the pictures in colour or in B&W and I can’t decide. I pay attention meanwhile asking that I start to use a lower contrast and a lower saturation in my colour pictures. I don’t know if that is good or not.

I like them both in colour and in B&W.



Yesterday I had a wedding job that went really well, so many magnificent pictures on the couple and the guests of the wedding. I had a very good time. For a few weekends ago I also had a wedding job that I had really excellent pictures. I will soon ahead upload a few pictures from the weddings here. I will give the pictures to the newly married first.

This portrait is so fantastic. Her look is so capturing. Wow!!!

At the wedding yesterday between Jonas and Therese, there was this wonderful belly-dancer. She was so energetic and beautiful. Her moves were so vibrant and full of life. She was beautifully sexy.

Colours of life.

Some old pictures from the dancestudio where I took my first dance pictures

Tonight I feel a litte bit of melancholy overwhelming me. I doubt my ability to create something of interest or uniqueness. I just fetched my ordered canvas panels and ambitions lays there on the empty white canvas panels next to me. The ambition never comes to real work and not even excellent work. It is the doing that makes excellence. The art I want to create is reaching towards me with no solution how to dismantle the ambitions into real work. I would like to be able to dismantle real art within me. I want to dig deeper into my soul and let out of something blue, white, red or any colour or non-colour that stands for something of me and telling you and you something that you didn’t know but always wanted to know. In the background I hear Juliette Binochet on a documentary. Her role in the Kieslowskis ”The blue movie” really reached me within. It was a pure sensation of feelings that evoked in me seeing that movie. Her sensitivity just struck me like a bomb from within. Her role has meant a lot for me how to interpret my own melancholic feelings. I would like to give something of that back in my art. Sometimes one needs to dig deep and back in life to reach forward. So the ambitions will be clothed daring to face the world outside the self. I am digging back into my first encounters with dance and still pictures. Maybe I have come to far from my first feeling. I am coming closer an end chapter of my dance project. I have no where to turn after that and I can’t just keep on repeating myself no matter how skilled I will be. I need to surprise my self to win my ambitions for an output worthy.

Pictures on the dancer above I really love and make me so happy when I look at them. The pictures were taken on the 15th of Nov 2005.

Pictures taken the 30th of Aug 2005.

Newly edited pictures from Dec 2007:

When I look at the pictures I took at the dance studio during the reharsel I really want to go back to do the project all over again not because I don’t like the pictures or the feelings from them, the contrary. I really loved to work with my camera during the reharsal in the dance studio. I would like to picture the students at the Royal Academy of Ballet in stockholm and exhibit it after a year or two. To dig deep into a project like that. It would be a dream come true. No money asked just for the sake of a project tht wuld fill me with love, joy and art of the documentary. Black and White is the colour of the day but strong loving and provoking colours will do to.

Many times dance is just for fun and big joy in life and a big laughter, even though the performance is the next day. That is love, ambitions and artistic output bigger than life.

The forbidden works

Lately I have had an urge to do some painting. I call hem the ”Forbidden thoughts” or ”Forbidden pictures”. I use porno magazines as raw-material for my works. It is so deliberating to work with something so tabu. I guess a lot of us feel shame and tabu about those pictures. I don’t do any moral suggestions how to approach that and I know there are people that are not in the industry by their free will. I don’t make any moral arguments for anyone about it. For me it is a little bit of shame and guilt to work with that material and in the same time I can feel the eroticism in the pictures. Like a small boy that is touching forbidden fruits or a man with naughty thoughts. It is a liberating process for me that I can put it into something I call art.

All works by Johan Margulis October 2009