Want to create and I have inputs

For me the autumn really stands for creation and creative thoughts and outputs. I am so looking forward for this autumn and winter because I am so exited about the work I am planning to do. I visited my wonderful Grandmother today and I borrowed a really old photo album, old encyclopedia and some old leaflets and music notes. I will put these things into my works and do some new collage ahead. I really want to have the time to do what I have in mind. I feel I am directing myself into a creative phase now. It all started with thoughts that I really should complete some projects of mine that I have been working on and that it creates a gap for me not knowing where I will go ahead with new unknown projects. I think I have decided to complete the ”Postcard-project” and the ”Israel- documentary project”. Furthermore I decided to do a test print of a book for my ”Dancersbyjohan- pictures” for my upcoming exhibition in Uppsala. I think I will also do a book on the Postcard- and Israeli documentary projects as well.

The only thing now on this earth that is between me and fullfilling my ideas is the concept of time. I have had thought about time lately after a friend of mine posted a post on Facebook about time. I answeared a little bit philosophical that time is an abstraction and that if we wouldn’t have time as an abstraction we wouldn’t ask ourselves if we live today or in the past or in the future. Carpe diem I wonder how you would feel and be placed in the world. Also the Dali exhibiton that is held at ”Moderna Museet” in Stockholm also triggered my thoughts around time and his pictures where the time is pictures as fluid and not physical, something not accountable too in real terms. I really want to see his exhibition…

And I want to create…

Postcards from Israel and Sweden

I have mostly been lazy in the sun after the exhibition. I fetched my newly developed pictures today at the lab here in Tel Aviv. I have got some really nice pictures for my ongoing project ”Postcards from Sweden and Israel”. However I actually see an coming end to the project. When I will be back in Sweden I will start the tideous but wonderful job to put everything together in a exhibition-portfolio. I hope to exhibit this serie later on, both in Israel and in Sweden. I am still looking for gallery representation in Sweden and of course elsewhere.

All pictures taken with a plastic camera, ”GOKO UF”. No possibility to change the apareture or the shuttertime, just to pull the film and click :-) ….love it, so simple and uncomplew just pure joy of photographing. I bought an underwatercamera today, model: simple but funny…..