Photo polymer the Hemse-serie

In May I was on Gotland in Hemse and worked with a technique called Photo-polymer. It is a lovely technique bringing a unique texture to the pictures. I made a serie of picture which I decided to call "The Hemse-serie". I have 5 unique polymer-pictures of each motif and a whole serie consists of 11 single pictures. The pictures will be for sale from September 2009 when my exhibition in Tel aviv starts.  If you would be interested in buying a single picture or the whole serie you should please contact me on my e-mail:

It is aquarelle paper and pigment colour so the pictures are archive durable.

Each picture is signed and numbered within the serie. There will be no more Polymer-prints of this serie so what is produced until now is the whole production of this serie. The price is estimated at 250 Euros per picture or 1750 Euro for a whole serie of 11 pictures.

The last one is outside the serie: