Helle and Elza

Last Sunday I had a lovely session with Helle and Elza. I really enjoy working with both of them and they are really excellent. We got some really nice pictures. The location was Hammarskog located on the outskirts of Uppsala.

I have just briefly looked at the pictures we took so I will continue working and selecting among the pictures we took.


Back from Skåne and Gotland

We came back from Gotland and Skåne yesterday night. It has been very good. The course we took in Hemse, Gotland was really wonderfull. I will scan the rest of the serie very soon. I completed a serie of eleven pictures I think. The techiwue is called "Fotopolymer" in Swedish. Explaination will come.

I also photographed a dancer Karin in Gotland at the wonderful island Fårö. Fårö is the island where the late Ingemar Bergman lived.

Now I have to run to my class I am holding. Love to be back here on the blog. Loads of pictures will come in a couple of days.