Postcards from Israel part 1

Finally I have some days off and just being lazy and organizing the things I need to do. I have photographed with an old plastic camera for a while. I didn’t know what to call my output but today it came clear to me. The ongoing serie will be called "Postcards". My artistic desire for this serie is non-perfection in quality, the beauty in something everyday and without any overall theme about the pictures. I have decided to make a photographic book.

Postcards from Israel part one.

"The Dead Sea tree"

"The visit to the Dead Sea"

Postcards from Israel with an instant camera


Yes I shouldn’t be sitting here today. I am listening to music and planting in my garden on my balcony. Doing some safety back-ups on my computer. That gives me time to go through some old stuff. No direction just old stuff and of course some new stuff as well.

Model: Sanna

Model: Lina

Model: Jeanette

Model: Aharon

Model: Erika

Model: Gabrielle

Model: Lina

Model: Lisa "Meanmagazine"

Model: Natascha

Model: Stina and Patric

Pello Revolvers and Lisa

Model: Erica

Sophie wonderful session

Earlier today in the morning Sophie and I had an excellent wonderful session. I am to tired to write anything now at 1.00 am but I hope you will enjoy with this eyecandy:

I always try to be at the location of the shooting before the model so I can have some time to grasp the environment and let the surronding sink in to me and for myself see how the pictures can be. I like the control so I can use tons of inspiration and improvisation while working with the model.

The story how I understood the lines and the beauty of the location in the mist:

The rest is pure improvisation and working with the dancer to let her do perfection in her field, I am just there recording and having loads of joy. I love beauty. I am addicted to beauty depictured in art. In every thinkable form beauty takes its shape I want to make the frame.

More pictures….

Thank you so much Sophie for this time. I want to be back here in Tel Aviv to do more art even before I have already left this time. Maybe Michelle, me and Doron will have a session tomorrow or on Thursday, I really hope so.

In September there will be an exhibition held by me at an artshop at their Gallery in Tel Aviv. I am exhited.

Pictures from Jerusalem

I have been visiting Jerusalem and took some pictures I would like to share. In my eyes Jerusalem is all about the people, the religions and the hub of that coming together. Jerusalem is a alive city that invokes strong feelings, beliefs and a mix of past, today and future. There are many problems to be solved but with my camera all that is just not always interesting. I am more interested of the people, colours and ongoing life.