New camera and repairing the old one

I have decided to buy a new camera so it will wait for me in Sweden and I will also repair the old one. When I come home I need to reinstall my computer so I can update some softwares neccecary for the new camera, that is a big bummer…

I have got so many beautiful pictures both on Michelle and Sophie. I am so happy. I am also longing for a new session with Sophie at the beach and with Michelle and Doron together and seperately.


Beeing in Israel and Tel Aviv I had the lovely oppurtunity to photograph the dancer Sophie. She is just excellent and we had a good time. Unfourtanately my camera died in the end. I think it is the shutter that broke so my options are to repair it for "I don’t know what sum", buy a new camera or do both. I guess it depends on the costs but I think I’ll do both. Maybe I will turn my old 5D into an Infrared adjusted camera, that would be lovely.

Many pictures will come soon, enjoy with these for a while:

Preparation for a session tomorrow Wednesday

I scheduled a session with the fantastic dancer Michelle and Doron tomorrow wednesday. I have been longing for our session since I left Israel last time in September. So today I sat on the bus that finally took me to the old port of Tel Aviv as where I want to take the pictures. When I am planning a session I often visit the locations prehand so I can get a feeling and a sense where to stage the photography. I will show you my pictures I took today.

Yhe journey back is a seperate story, not undrstanding Hebrew and some misleading signs for the bus took my outside Tel Aviv so I took a taxi home after more than an hour with the public transport out to somewhere I wasn’t intended to go….

Pictures from the past

The human body is interesting. I would like to photograph more of male dancers and also more nude pictures both female and male. I had a lazy day that gave me time to go through pictures on my laptop.

I just love to work with infrared pictures. I found some pictures taken from a session with Malin and Karin:

I used to burn my negatives to make the picture more interesting and in a special kind of mood.

Colours, love and layers

The whole morning I have been working with pictures. Just a wonderful morning. I love colours, layers, dancers and photoshop. To deconstruct and to rebuild something new from my heart, mind and wants. Turning it into something I love.

I have also been working on posters. I call them "birth of dance".

Some of my inspiration for these works comes from the artists "Gilbert an George". I think I saw there works for the first time in London at the Tate Modern, it was many years ago now. Two other artists that influence me alot are Robert Rauschenberg and Jackson Pollock.

copyright: Gilbert and George, Robert Rauschenberg and Jackson Pollock

I love to invoke details of pornography in my works too. I scan from magazines and redo the images into my own combines. I turn them to something else, something that resembles icons of lust and beauty.

I can’t stop, I am on a automatic pilot….

Pictures of Elin and Emma

Today I have been working on pictures I took in January with the model Elin. We had a very good time even though it was freezing cold.

I have been working wiyh layers in Photoshop using different pictures both photographic pictures and painted pictures. My wife did some action-painting earlier today, the one with green and pink colour was her paintng that I used. I have plenty of more that I will scna ones they got dried.

I really love working with layers and doing combines.

As I wrote earlier this week I uploaded a picture to and speaking now I am on place 7 at top-rated pictures in the category Fine Art pictures uploaded the last 3 days. I am more than happy as that site have many totally adoring pictures.

In january I painted this three pictures. It is charcoal pencils.

I just made a picture from the session I had with Helle and Erika. For this picture I used idit’s drip-painting in layers.