Feet, hands, raincoat, toutou and bodies in moves- from the studio and winter session

Today I had an excellent session with three dancers in the studio. It was Malin, Melody and Annika, all last semester at Balettakademin. We had some great ideas turning into some really good pictures. I had a session with Helle and Erika last Sunday and there we got really really excellent pictures. I have felt an creative need lately, that I need to take photos with some twisted ideas and that is totally wonderful. 


Here comes some of the pictures from the totally magnificent session with Helle and Erika. Thank you so much for trusting me taking semi nude pictures. I love them and they are tender and warm and lovely in my eyes, as I want them.

At the 10th of February I had a great session with Chloe. We had a really good time working together. We had the session nearby the castle. It was really cold so I am so thankfull for Chloe´s sacrifice to take the session outdoor even though it was so cold.

Session with branches

This Thursday I had an excellent session with Maria. She was on of the first dancers I ever photographed. She is totally excellent and we got a lot of good pictures. We used some branches to make a different language in the dance and I think it worked out excellent. I have not yet been able to go through the final selection choosing the best pictures but here are a few:

I did some new collage from the session:

The red toutou

Artist statement

I am photographing dancers in a variety of locations. I find the colaboration with the dancers a wonderful artistic output. The uniqueness of the dancers ability to express their body from different state of minds that I together with them process. Sometimes the state of mind is processed at the location and sometimes in editing with single or multiple pictures. I use the camera, scanner and editing programmes to develop my pictures. It is a joy for my soul to work with pictures.

For this exhibition I have done a lot of new works. I can just see the beginning of my project or obsession with photographing dancers. There is no visible end to that. So what you see here is an outcome of an ongoing process and colaboration. I am curious at mind and I like to explore dance in different settings in urban and natural environments. Seeing as an artistic photographer the googles are on all the time, always looking for something new or old and interesting settings. I enjoy the tradition of staged photography where reality is created in colaboration with the dreams and the expression of mind, heart and soul. I see myself as an artist working in the field of expressive emotions. For me the technique is not an end of means it is an open option achieving the results I am striving towards. Sometimes I get lost on the way of achieving my predetermined destinations and end up with something that I couldn’t predicited whilst starting the project. It often happens when I look on my already taken pictures and then I add objects photographed by my scanner and add it to a new combined picture. I love Robert Rauschenberg’s collage works which I assume have had some effect on my collage-output.

I love the beauty and fragility of female dancers set in different locations. I often work with white fabric in the clothes due to the messages it represent for me. The meaning of white for me often represent pure love, heavinly, sensuality, virginity and longing. I often add elements of red, yellow and black. My pictures often renders in a warm tonal scale. I think my addorance for warm colours comes from painters like the Dutch Masters. I am interested in Art and I relate my work to previous work of art, sometimes it happens deliberately and sometimes it is just there as to set my compass and direction.

Johan Margulis

Uppsala, Sweden 18th of Feb 2009

More is coming up soon :-)

I love my scanner and the dancers are so great, I am at joy with these results:

The forbidden editing

I have had a few really good sessions lately that I will show soon. I am in the process of choosing which pictures I like the most. I had another excellent session with Elza. I also had a really excellent session with a dancer called Johanna. I also had wwonderful session today with Elin and Sofie and a few days ago with Chloe. Awesome pictures taken. I have also made some new paintings and that inspired me to do something really eotic. Everything with clothes but with some fantasy pictures I have had in mind some time, I finally started doing them. I hope it is not offensive.

Winter session

Today I had an excellent session with the dancer Elza, she is the sister of Erika whom I photographed some time ago with the dancegroup Balancedance. The session today went excellent and I am truely impressed by Elza’s willingness to step out in the middle of the winter for the idea I had and I am so happy that it went well with so many excellent pictures.

Here are a few of the pictures: