Colours of life

I have now edited the pictures with "the woman with the mask". I am in love with the colours and the intriguing message of the images.

I found some old stained and unsuccessfull polaroids in my drawer, maybe they should have been kept hyding there :-) but I have plans for the frames of the Polaroids and I like the orange one.

and something dance and cabarre

ARTYPHOTO Johan´s art and photo space- grey January

Yesterday was one day of the "grey January" with snow, clouds and wet streets. I was destined to take portraits but couldn’t gather my forces so I let in for my mood that everything was ugly and started to photograph ugliness. I hope you enjoy:

I can’t decide which I like the most the low saturated colour pictures or the "Lith print" pictures below. I guess it depends on the mood.

Pictures from Thursday in the same theme:

If you long for the autumn and beauty:

I think the picture look like a Seurat-painting, the French impressionist.

I took he camera out today and continued my new project of depicting beauty in the uglyness and the everyday scenery.

ARTYPHOTO Johan´s art and photo space- The Lith prints and Infrared

I was so enthustiatic about learning how to do Lith prints and Infrared pictures digitally yesterday night. On the way I made aquintance with some other topics in Photoshop such as the clour balance- and channel mixer tools.  

Drag and drop adenture creating a pictures in the "Dada"- style.

I also came across the "film cross" tool when working with "curves", very interesting.

I found a few old picture that I really like

A night of photoshop

I have made a few new pictures tonight in a total different style I have done earlier. I worked with the techiques Lith printing and Infrared in Photoshop. The result turned out to be amazing. I can’t upload them right now but they will be uploaded later today.  Until then I will show u some of my ongoing documentary project:

Pictures from Tel aviv

Pixs I would like to exhibit

Finally I am done with my selection sending to the Gallerist. It wasn’t easy and I am so thankful for all the help I’ve got from my wife Idit. I have plenty of pictures I would like to exhibit that in my eyes are as well as the ones that are sent to the Gallerist and here are a few of them, the first selection was cut from slightly more than 1500 pixs to around 300 pixs.

It has been totally wonderful to work with everybody and I want to thank you for choosing to work with me. I am currently looking for a bigger space for an exhibition with 200-300 pictures of dance and dancers due to the material I so far have. It is mainly dance captured in nature and/or city sceneries. There are also pictures from dancestudios and performances. The enviroments are from Sweden (Stockholm, Uppsala, Öregrund and the surrondings) and Israel (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv). Please let me know, contact info via my homepage

ARTYPHOTO Johan´s art and photo space

I have big difficulties choosing pictures for my upcoming exhibition in Tel Aviv in April. I have decided not to exhibit any pictures from my last exhibition in November in Tel Aviv at my upcoming exhibition. Even though I think they are among the best pictures I have. Right or not I don’t know but that is decided. The pictures that I love so much are these ones:

For a few days I thought I lost a folder with excellent pictures from a session in Tel Aviv with Sophie and Gil. A few of them will most likely be exhibited at the Gallery. However I will wait some time until publishing them. I show you others from that session, it was back in June 2009.

ARTYPHOTO Johan´s art and photo space

I had an excellent session yesterday with Pauline and Sofia. They are members of the group Phantom as Emelie and Emma are too. We had a great fun and enjoyed working together. As you will understand my favourite colour is white, white, black, red, yellow and brown. At least for the moment. For me white stands for love, passion, freedom and innocence. Features that are important in life.

I hope you enjoyed looking on the pictures. I totally love them. I try to capture beauty and anger in the same frame. As life is captured by love and anger. We listened to Alanis Morisette’s "Versions of violonce". As I have been working lately I will have pictures on that theme.

ARTYPHOTO Johan´s art and photo space

Från senaste sessionen med Emma o Emelie

Pictures from the session with amazing models/dancers Emma and Emelie.
This Saturday was amazing as well earlier last week with the session with Emma and Linet seperately. I will upload a few pix from those sessions later.

It is decided that I will exhibit my pictures in a Gallery in Tel Aviv called Gross, its nearby the Diezengoff centre.

I hope I will be able to something really unique ahead and I have some great inspiration in a few pictures from other artists, like this ones:

                                                                                   copyright: Robert Heinecken

Great inspiration and hopefully i will find a model in dance that wants to do nude pictures and also with some transparent clothes to empahzise the beauty of the female body and the desire from man.

From the session with Linet we came up with these pictures:

It was such a joy to photograph the bodypaint. Linet put it on with some instructions from me, we are a great team working together.

Malin and I also work really great together and we have thousands or trilloins of exhibition material from our sessions, I haven´t deared to count them yet.

For some time ago I photographed Åsa and Katarina and just a few days ago I went through the images and found a lot of pictures I really liked.

I just found this picture on Anni and Malin, it is such a cute picture